#MeetTheCubs today in theatres.

help me,
          an echo. the soft brush of desperate words
          the lapping of intimacy like water on skin.
          the words warble with childish pain, old
          wounds still fresh, the plea whispered into
          the folds of a mother’s skirt and brushed
          aside. you don’t need help.

help me,
          words heard, but never spoken —
          seen floating through the air
          graceful as they collapse,
          crashing like feathers into
          themselves. you don’t need help.

help me.
          he never says a word,
          but his eyes are a broken blue.
          i don’t need help.


Everything’s gonna be okay big guy… I promise

Breakfast run.

Don’t do anything fun without me.

— C

Good to know you’re not all work and no play. ;)

— C.B.

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House of M (2005) #7